About Me

My name is Jeff and you have found yourself on my blog: jeffspeakstolife.org.

This blog is an attempt to get what is inside of my mind out into the open where someone might hear it. It is also to remind you and me both that life is worth living and we are worthy to live it.

I have artwork on my wall that says “Happiness is not a destination but a way of life”. My hope is that something I say will help you (and me) be free to be happy.

As far as the particulars go, I’m Jeff. I am in my 40s. I have been everything from a minister to a house cleaner to an Operating Room Assistant at my local hospital. I am still a minister, but I’m also a CNA, a Certified Joy Restoration Coach, a Grief Coach, and most recently a licensed life insurance agent. Whether I am any good at those things remains to be seen.

If you want to know more check here.

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