So I’ve been thinking about starting a new blog separate from the Breath Of Life ministry blog that I’ve written on before (which has been severely ignored by us of late) and well I guess I’m doing more than thinking cause here it is. I’ve been mulling over some ideas for a name because you know everything needs a name so a few things came to mind like  jeffbook, and instajeff, snapjeff, jeffgram, jeffchat, facejeff, Jeffy talks and even Jeffspace  but somehow I felt like I was stealing someone else’s idea’s. So for now I’ll go with Jeffspeaks because let’s face it when Jeffspeaks people listen, at least they should. With that said I want this to be a place to encourage, to laugh, to inspire, and quite frankly to vent. I’m not an expert with English and grammar, so if you’re on here to criticize or critique, go find another blog. This one’s not for you. I’m not sure what we’ll talk about, but I promise we’ll keep it interesting.


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