Every ending has a new beginning, but some beginnings have no end.

Life begins with a breath of air inhaled into our being, and ends with one last exhale into the atmosphere. Yet life, unmeasured by time, goes on infinitely into eternity.

Love begins with that first glance, that first embrace, that first conversation, that first kiss. Love ends with one final touch, one final moment, one last goodbye. Though love, in its truest and sincerest form, lives on forever.

Memories of life and love, both the good and bad, are the contents of a treasure box kept deep in the innermost depths of our hearts.

Sometimes endings happen when we least expect, and sometimes it seems as if an expected end will never arrive. The expected end inevitably does arrive and brings with it relief, rest, and sometimes hope.

A new beginning long awaited, season after season.

Unending love fully realized.

Long awaited desire finally satisfied.

When the last of you is released from its shell, and the form you’ve carried returns to dust, love remains: unhindered, timeless, endless

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