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We’re All Different

I love to say “be the best you that you can be”

Today I learned that being the best you that you can be also means allowing others to be themselves. Allow them to be who they are. Allow them to believe in whatever it is they believe. We’re all different. We all believe in different things. We’re never gonna always agree on everything. People want to be heard, and they should be. I know I want to be heard. Speak up for yourself. Speak the truth as it applies to you. There are some basic agreed-upon moral codes that we all should probably still try to adhere to. We have laws we must abide by as well. But outside of the standard courtesies, we each have to be who we were made to be. You have to live your life on your terms, and I have to live life on the terms I set for me.

Don’t live in the hurts of the past, and don’t let voices, not your own, dictate what your life will be. I’ve let those voices, at times, still pull my strings. If you’ve had the same experience, get yourself a good sharp pair of scissors* and cut those strings. Free yourself. Be free to go and do and be whoever and whatever it is you feel you’re supposed to be. Be that best you.

Go out and do and support whatever you’re passionate about. There are a lot of things I don’t agree with in the world, but I’m learning when to speak to those things and when to stay silent. There are probably things I say that others don’t agree with. Actually, I know there are. I don’t pretend to understand everything. I don’t know the facts of every situation. Just be true to yourself and what you believe in. Be true to the spirit that leads you.

In the Bible, Jesus told us we could hang all the laws and the prophets on two things: Love God and love one another! While your relationship or belief in God is your business, loving your neighbor is good for everyone. We all have different personalities and perspectives, but we’re all on this planet together. Try to find love for your fellow man. If you can’t quite muster that, at least try not to hate them. Stop the name-calling. If you disagree big deal. Love covers a multitude. Let it cover you.

*do not use actual scissors

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