Ahh, election year, one of the most annoyingly frustrating and unfortunately necessary seasons that we must live through. Fortunately for us, this season, when we must choose a president, only comes every four years. While I get that it is something we have to go through, jeez Louise I mean really, who in the hell do people think they are? It seems like everybody has an opinion and most (I said most not all) have little to no facts about their particular choice or candidate. And some people’s “facts” are so skewed that they couldn’t see truth if they tried. I get it, we all have our right to choose whomever we like, and that’s one of the great privileges we have here in America. Heck, I probably have a preference myself. But do I really have to have it shoved down my throat every time I open my mouth to breathe? Everywhere I go, work, grocery store or out to dinner, “the election” every time I turn on the tv or listen to the radio, “the election”. And of course, everytime I go on  Facebook, you guessed it, “the election”. Facebook is the worst, and at this point, maybe I should just avoid it. The problem with that is the people on Facebook are supposed to be our friends.

Ok rant over.

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