Our lives tell a story. Most of the time we hold the pen, but sometimes it seems the author is the people, things and events that come and go along the way. For some, the story will be one filled with adventure and excitement, laughter and love. For others, tragedy and pain, loss and hopelessness fill the pages. There may be seasons where one gives way to another,  a day of emptiness and sorrow that somehow is magically filled to overflowing with joy and hope. While many people and circumstances beyond us make their mark, I believe that ultimately we are the scribes of our own life. We have the ability, I believe, to tell our story however we choose. I’m probably somewhere around halfway through my journey, and up to this point I’ve let too many authors have way too much license to add to and take away from my story. Today I have determined that I’m picking up my pen, and I’ll be the author that pens the remaining chapters of this tale. Sure, I’ll probably let others have a say from time to time, and there may be some edits along the way, but with me doing the telling then maybe, just maybe this story will have a happy ending.


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