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Plus One

I was watching an old tv show with a friend today, and there was this one scene that kinda grabbed me and made me think. The scene was of a man who had just died, and upon his death he sees his brother in the afterlife. He, the man lived a life filled with greed, jealousy and regret. After apologizing to his brother for the wrongs he inflicted on him, the two walk off into the mist and he says to his brother, “I know where you’re going but I’m not sure about me”. That’s when the brother says “don’t worry you’re my plus one”.
I thought about that for a little while and wondered, “wow who would my ‘plus one’ be?” Or better yet “who’s plus one would I be”? If I had to rely on someone else’s goodness to enter “Heaven” in the ever after who would it be and would they be there before me. And would I have enough credit to get anyone in as my “plus one”?
Whether you believe in heaven or not (I kinda do and this is my blog) I’m pretty sure there is a “place” of rest we enter into at the end of our journey. So again I thought about it, “who’s plus one would I be and could I be someone’s plus one”.
Then it hit me, I can’t get anyone in and nobody can get me in. The only one who can do that is the one who paid the price once and for all, for everyone. Jesus, with one act of love and kindness gave all, paid all, in full so we would never have to worry if we could ever be good enough, act right enough, or do enough good deeds to enter into a place of rest. His one act finished, once and for all, my invitation (and yours) to be His “plus one”.

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