Standing on the edge
Waiting for a sign
Looking in the distance
Nothing comes to mind
Hoping for an answer
Like I have so many times
Believing you will catch me
Hold me one more time

Casting cares to the wind
Leaving behind my tether
Leaping to the air
Floating like a feather
Believing I am free
Thinking of forever
You are always there
Holding me together

Just before I reach the end
Crashing hard against the ground
I look up and I see you
In the air that you surround
You hide me in the cleft
Away from fear and pain
Away from all the thunder
The lightning and the rain

I think I've always lived here
In the shadow of your wings
I think it's where my heart's alive
And where it always sings
Help me not forget
Take off all my blinders
I know I'll always have your love
To serve as my reminder

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