The word secret, by definition, means something that is kept, or meant to be kept, unknown or unseen by others. Some synonyms of secret are unrevealed, undisclosed, concealed and hidden. I think some, if not all, of us had a secret spot as a child where we would go just to be alone and dream. As a child I had a tree house out in the edge of the woods, that my brother built me, where I’d go to just lay down, look up, and wonder about life. I still remember that old tree house with fondness and probably more appreciation now than I ever had then.

Right now, as I write this, I’m sitting in my current version of that old tree house, a tiny house, and once again my brother built it for me. I still lie down, look up, and wonder about life. Of course, forty years later, this building is much nicer, has electricity, and is climate controlled.

I’m very grateful. It’s my happy place. The place I go to focus, and refocus, when my lenses get a little cloudy. It’s my place to create, my place to go and get repaired when I’m a little broken. It’s where I go to plan for the next phase in my journey.

We all need a secret place we can go. Maybe for you, it’s your back porch, your basement, or your car. Maybe it’s the community park or the bank of the local river. Wherever it may be, cherish the time you spend there, and make the most of it. It’s important for your journey.

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