We live in a world full of hurting people.

For one reason or another, many walk around with chains around their necks, bound by emotional and/or physical pain. For many life seems to be taking more than it’s giving. For them it gets harder and harder to hold their head up, and they start “wondering what’s the point?”. Everywhere they turn, they either run into a seemingly insurmountable wall or a jungle of uncertainty. Chaos rules their minds and they wonder “will I ever have peace?”.

I know all of this because I’ve lived it. I’m very familiar with it. I carried those chains far longer than anyone should. I’ve walked the jungles and slammed into the walls.

Then one day, out of the blue, a stranger just gave me a kind word and then it happened again and again. One day I realized that the words spoken to me by someone completely unknown were bringing me healing. It was then I decided that, as often as I could, I would repay the kindness with kindness. I would pay it forward.

The more I give the better I feel. The more I am given the better I feel.

Kind words are like healing balm on a hurting soul. So, when you can, give a kind “how are you” or “have a nice day”. It doesn’t take a lot of kindness to begin to break the chains of despair.

You never know… you might be saving a life.

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