My mind often keeps me awake at night, (actually, it keeps me awake most nights) racing with the thoughts of the day. Sometimes I just lie here trying to catch up to everything running around in my head. Usually, I can grab hold of a few of them and ponder on them for a while, but most I eventually file away or allow them to hopefully evaporate on their own. It’s important for me to clear my head by meditating on the things occupying my mind. If I can at least think them through, they don’t just continue to bombard me all night.  Maybe for you, it’s a different method of coping that gets you through the night. To be honest, after I process most nights, I then prioritize my thoughts and begin to write them down. I used to just write a couple of sentences down to get certain things out of my head. But in the last few years, I’ve discovered that blogging was a better avenue for me to use. It became therapeutic, not only for me but to those who take the time to read what I have to say. I hope the words I write will be life for you. I hope they help you. I hope they lead you to peace. I hope you find what works for you whether it be meditation or writing or painting or whatever suits you. It took me a long time to find what worked for me. I was 45 when I found my voice. I hope I somehow can inspire you to find yours.

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  1. I’m so glad you have found something! It is not always easy to find something that really works. People really do just get so lost in their thoughts, and the thing that helps is not always what you expect.

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