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Give yourself a break!

I’m my harshest critic. It doesn’t matter what it is I’m doing, it never seems good enough to me. I’ve probably erased or deleted more of what I’ve written than I’ve published. I’ve recorded more unreleased videos than I can count. And I sometimes just don’t do something for fear I can’t do it or that it won’t measure up to my impossible standard, a standard set far above anything I’d ever set for anyone else. Projects that I initially thought were pretty good have been filed away for another day or trashed altogether.

I’d be way more productive if I’d just do what was in my heart and mind to do instead of worrying about the outcome or worrying what someone else thinks.  I need to learn to cut myself some slack. I’m working on it. It’s a process that’s taking me some time to figure out. Whatever it is I’m trying to do doesn’t have to be perfect. That’s the one thing I really need to get passed in my life.

Perfection isn’t always necessary.

Finishing is what’s important.

Nobody needs a thousand unfinished projects lying around. If you are like me, you have learned that life starts getting pretty cluttered when we neglect the things we know we should be doing. In the striving for perfection, we have a hard time knowing what is a project we should actually put effort into finishing versus one we should scrap, all while plagued with worry that some of these things shouldn’t have been started in the first place or fear that it won’t be good enough.

Sometimes the imperfect things end up being the most beautiful. So don’t be afraid to share your imperfections. Do the stuff that makes you happy. Your imperfect project might just be the perfect thing someone else needs. So give yourself a break from perfection and I’m going to do the same.

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