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You’ve probably heard the old idiom  “the devil is in the details”.
Simply put, details are important! Especially the small or unseen ones.  Sometimes we have grand plans, with clear goals ahead of us, but fail to properly consider the amount of time and effort involved in getting said plan off the ground. Some things just take time, and I’m not the most patient person in the world. Forgetting one or two seemingly small details can cause delays or even cause your plans to fail. Say for instance, you’re building a house, but you forget a detail like making sure the foundation is done well (rightly prepared ground, properly footed, level, cured, etc.). Now it may not happen right away, but eventually you’re going to have problems. It may be as simple as a few cracks in the the walls that have to be repeatedly repaired and painted or something major like the whole house could come crumbling down. 

So you have to slow down and consider every possible detail, whatever they are, for your plans to be successful. If you’re like me, you go for the easy parts and make sure all of the obvious/seen things are handled, but forget to work on the tiny foundational things that will ultimately hold it all together. 

In the past I have shared with you readers that I was working on a new business venture, and I have been, but the last few days I’ve realized there’s been a delay in the delivery. I’ve got a lot of the “important” details taken care of, but somehow failed to continue through to completion. Now some things will be trial and error, but a lot of it is things I’ve just failed to deal with because well I’ve been a little lazy lately. I know what to do, but I really hate the tiny tedious details. I never really had a firm timeline on it, but all of the sudden I feel behind.  So I’ll do my best to get it done in the near future and move forward. Along the way I will do my best to pay attention to all of the details both large and small, seen and unseen.

In the mean time: These are some tips to help that I am pretty sure I got from Jon Acuff author of Finish.

• No detail is unimportant
• Don’t get hung up on one detail and forget the others
• Remember your goal is just that a goal, but it requires a journey to get there.
• Finish Finish Finish
• Keep going don’t quit when it gets tough or doesn’t come quickly.
• If something is not working it’s not working. Don’t waste time on it.

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