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Puppy Dog Eyes and Piggyback Rides Changed My Life

Life often leads us to where we’re supposed to be. Sometimes we think we’ve strayed off the path that was intended for us to follow when things look different than we expected. I’m a firm believer that if we’re open to it, God can lead us exactly where we need to be, where we are supposed to be.

If I said my life has turned out how I thought it would, I’d be lying. I thought, in my many hours of daydreaming, I would always be doing some grandiose thing, on some grand stage, in front of thousands of people. I envisioned myself as some larger than life individual whom the world just couldn’t live without. I truly wanted to be the greatest hero that ever lived. Everything that passes through my imagination, about my life, is always larger than my reality. I guess I dream for way more than I actually believe is possible, knowing that, if just a small percentage comes to pass, life will be pretty good.

I’ve learned to accept that things are the way they are for many reasons. I used to wonder if my fears and failures would ever lead to true happiness. I’d watch people achieve things that I thought I wanted. I’d see them get things that I thought I just had to have. Turns out I really didn’t need or want any of those things as much as I thought I did. I know, for me, when I really want something I usually find a way to get it.

Know this: Some things simply come to us in ways we just don’t expect.

I wasn’t looking for it. It just kinda found me. I didn’t think I it was something I wanted, but I couldn’t let it go. I didn’t need it. Actually, that’s a lie. I did need it, I just didn’t know it. “It” was really a them. I needed them, and I know now they needed me. I was just minding my own business, tending to my own life and they just kind of came in and took over. From the puppy dog eyes and the piggyback rides, nothing anymore amazing could’ve happened to me. After over twenty years of us just being us, I realize that everything I’d ever want I already had. Happiness comes in many packages. I just had to be willing and open to receive it.

They renamed me. “Jeffy.” In truth their little friend said it first, but they’re the ones who stamped it on my heart. They made me a hero. Jeffy is my superhero name. It now feels like the greatest name on the grandest of stages. Just when I thought it couldn’t be any better, I went from being “Jeffy” to being “Papa Jeffy”… times six!

Sure there are always little details that could make life a little easier, and even a couple of really big details that could make it more complete. But all in all, I am extremely blessed. So has my life turned out like I thought it would? No. But I can’t imagine it any other way. There are still mountains to climb, dreams to dream, and promises to be fulfilled. I often worry I am not as much a hero to them as they have made me feel and maybe they would have been fine without me. One thing I know: I’ll take this feeling of having the greatest name on the grandest of stages, multiplied six times over along with puppy dog eyes and piggyback rides and be the happiest person alive.


  1. ” I often worry I am not as much a hero to them as they have made me feel and maybe they would have been fine without me.” As the owner of a set of these puppy dog eyes, I can guarantee that I would not have been fine without you. You have, most definitely, always been the hero in my story. ❤

    When those mountains, dreams, and promises come along you will always have us as a family climbing, dreaming, and thriving together.

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  2. As the one begging for piggyback rides every time I saw you, you carried more than just me. You helped me carry myself through life in ways you don’t even realize. You are and will always be a hero to me. There is no story in my life that doesn’t include you. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

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