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This year started slow, like most years, with not a lot going on. Where I live, January and February are cold and usually rainy, which is a miserable combination. I, typically, am just biding my time until spring arrives.

During that time this year (2020) there were murmurs about some weird new virus coming out of China, but to be honest, I didn’t give it much thought. I don’t think most people around here did. Then some time around February or March it started showing up in America more, and I started listening, but only a little. Then it got worse; a few states started having pretty severe outbreaks and people started dying. But still, that was there and that was them. Some part of me still wasn’t convinced of its severity. I’m not really sure what I thought. The world suddenly started to shut down, literally. Stores closed. Businesses had people work from home. Churches shut their doors. I thought “ok, what’s this? This will pass on by and very soon.” or so I thought. The virus kept going, but it slowed down and some of us thought ,”well, it’s just gonna fizzle out and die”. Then it made a comeback and quite rapidly started spreading in the state I live in. Still, because it hadn’t really affected me or anyone I knew personally. I thought it wasn’t or couldn’t really be that bad.

I was wrong.

End of part 1

Read part 2 here

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