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Through The Misty Glass

For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then face to face. 1 Cor 13:12

I spent some time in reflection today, looking at my life and where I was in it. I asked myself: is this how I imagined it would be at this moment for me? Is this as far as I was supposed to get? Should I have gone further? Should I have done more? Maybe. Maybe not.

We all have goals and dreams, and I think most are hoping to one day achieve at least a portion of those dreams. Life isn’t always predictable. Sometimes things don’t go as planned. For better or worse we learn to go with the results of our choices but also our circumstances. Life is a beautiful gift. I was chosen to be here at this moment, at this time, in this place. I can look at my life as a horrible tragedy of errors and mistakes, or I can rejoice in the successes I’ve achieved along the way, the good things I was allowed to do, and the love I was able to give.

I can’t see all things, nor can I predict the future. No one can. It’s like looking at a mirror after a hot shower, mist covered. All we see is a dull, haze obscured person with barely any form looking back at us. But with a wiping of a towel, the details of the face slowly becomes clearer. What once was distorted and vague now comes into focus.

I have a difficult time sometimes getting a clear picture of who I am and what I’m supposed to be. I know what I’m supposed to look like but have a hard time believing that this dull fuzzy image I see could ever achieve anything. But when I clear the mirror of my mind and focus on the truth, I know that not only will this person looking back at me achieve his goals, but will excel beyond anything he’s ever imagined.

I’ve tried for so long to be all things to all people that I now realize I lose me in the process. Trying to be what everyone who crossed my path needed me to be causes me to lose sight of who I truly am. That’s more than anyone can carry. So I’m gonna be me. The Bible says to be all things, to all men, that we might by all means save some*. I thought that was my call in life, but I’ve come to realize we all have a part. Our part is to collectively join together to become the whole. My part of being all things to all is for me to just be me, to look at the clear image of me and know exactly who I am.

So my encouragement for you is this: if the image you have of yourself isn’t quite clear, maybe it’s time to wipe the mirror. Clean at it until you see the real you and not the one obscured and distorted by the haze of opinion and time. The creator of the universe knew exactly where you’d be at this precise moment. Creation is crying out for you to go and do and be precisely everything you we created to be. Everyone has a role to play. No one can play it for you.

*Taken from 1st Corinthians 9:22

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

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